16 Quick Tips on boosting engagement on Instagram 2022

Instagram has more than one billion users, with it currently ranking the most popular social networking site in the world.

Even with such a wide reach available, such saturated competition on the platform still makes it difficult to grow engagement, especially if you’re account is new and you’re just starting out. However, what does engagement look like on Instagram?

Engagement on Instagram includes comments left on posts, links clicked that divert to your website or another source, new followers, and post likes. Great… but how do you grow your engagement? From having ten followers one day to several hundred if not more in just a few weeks, here’s what you need to level up your Instagram game.

  1. Make your posts saveable
  2. Ask questions in your caption
  3. Carousel posts
  4. Use the story polling feature (yes/no)
  5. Use specific hashtags on your stories
  6. Be creative with the stories (don’t use one type all the time!)
  7. Post more frequently
  8. The story immediately after a feeds post (the same one)
  9. Use the right hashtags
  10. Host Instagram contents
  11. Write a compelling caption
  12. Comment on 30-90 accounts daily. $1.80 strategy
  13. Like the last 9 photos of the other (big) accounts in your niche multiple times a day.
  14. Ask (tag) other big accounts to like and comment on your post to boost it up.
  15. Post on stories more often
  16. Reply to all comments

Use hashtags properly

Often, many Instagram users fail to use hashtags when posting. This is an easy mistake to make. On the other hand, others do add hashtags, but they don’t research these beforehand.

For every product, service, or niche on Instagram, there are multiple hashtags. Researching and adding these hashtags to your caption and in the comments section, increases the organic reach and thus increased engagement.

Engaging with other influencers and accounts

Gary Vaynerchuck, the household name of Instagram marketing, once said: “who knew that getting big on social media is actually being social.” For many, this quote will hit like a ton of bricks, hopefully acting as the wake-up call you need to grow your Instagram engagement.

So, do just that: be social. Comment on other posts, voice your opinion, and be social… you don’t even have to shout yourself out, engaging with other audiences does this for you. At a bare minimum, you should be commenting on at least ten different posts each day.

Use stories to interact with your audience

Engagement isn’t just about getting new followers or responding to comments; it’s about retaining and engaging your current audience. Alongside regular posts and interaction, you should post on your story as well.

Create interactive questions, polls, and ask for feedback, for example: ‘what sort of content do you want to see?’ or ‘what’s your opinion on this subject matter?’.

Can you see the repeating pattern yet? Being social is key to your engagement on social media, well said Gary Vee, well said.

The $1.80 Instagram strategy

Gary Vaynerchuck also developed the $1.80 Instagram strategy for optimal growth and engagement.

The $1.80 strategy is where you leave your “2 cents” ninety times a day. This strategy does not involve actual money, but instead consistent interaction with popular hashtags and those in your local area.

You should leave comments on the top nine trending Instagram posts across ten different hashtags; this is where the ninety comes from. This not only increases exposure, but allows you to tap into any niche through consistent interaction with others.

This strategy has allowed many entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow their Instagram following rapidly. In light of Gary’s strategy, we developed the free Dollar Eighty Instagram Growth Strategy chrome extension. The software lets you add hashtags and locations in your niche, with suggestions on the best posts to comment on. You can even track your interaction, knowing when you’ve hit that magic ninety number.

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