90 Comment Challenge – Dollar Eighty vs Instagram

At Dollar Eighty we know our software is the best for authentic growth, because it’s the easiest way to implement the $1.80 strategy. Of course, you can try the method without any help… so we asked our lovely writer Verity to do exactly that, and compare the results.

Making 90 Comments – Dollar Eighty vs Instagram

To be as fair as possible for this experiment, I took myself back to school and made sure I had some control points. So, things that stayed the same were the Instagram account I used, the hashtags I commented on, and my tool to write these comments was a laptop for both occasions.

After completing all 90 comments on Instagram, with and without the Dollar Eighty software, here’s what I found.

Need for speed 

Making 90 genuine comments on Instagram, without the Dollar Eighty software, took over 3 hours all together including my attempts to manually track my progress and navigate my targets. On the other hand, the Dollar Eighty software cut around 70 minutes off. That’s more than 3 episodes of ‘The Office’, or the time it takes to drive from New York to Philly (on a good day) which is a significant amount if you’re a busy person or you’re managing more than one account.

Spend the extra 70 minutes on crafting posts and content, or maybe just stay a little longer in bed to help rejuvenate the creative juices.

Dollar Eighty Motivation

You would think that having to write the same amount of comments would be a similar experience, but I found that the Dollar Eighty software was a perfect motivator to speed up and encourage me.

Without the software, I wasn’t able to see my comments adding up, and at many points, I grew tired as I couldn’t see an end in sight. Even finishing the 90 comments was anticlimactic, as there was no way to see all the hard work I’d put in.

Using the software really pushed me to complete the 90 comments, as I could see the finish line in sight… literally. Watching that progress bar as it filled up worked wonders for me on completing all 90 comments, so not only does it speed you up, but it makes the whole experience that much more rewarding.

Accuracy > Guessing

Making sure I hit 90 comments without any help was definitely a challenge as I kept losing track of what and where I had posted. Without a progress bar or a counter to show how many comments I’d made, I had to rely on the ancient method of guessing. Yeah, it’s not the most reliable technique… even as I am writing this, I’m unsure I actually hit the 90 comment target. so let’s hope I did!

Using Dollar Eighty’s software really took the pressure off of tracking my progress, and it meant I could focus my time and energy on coming up with some great interactions.

Functionality is Fundamental

A part of the $1.80 strategy is to make sure you spread your 9 comments over 10 hashtags, and performing this task without Dollar Eighty’s software was honestly just a super long process. Not only did I have to type in the hashtag I wanted 10 different times, but after I’d paused the timer for a break, it was too easy to forget where I’d left off, and which hashtags I’d completed.

The fact that Dollar Eighty’s software had all hashtags on one page, ready to go, with no typing required, just really made the whole thing way more enjoyable. I could take a break, knowing that when I come back to my laptop I’d know exactly where I left off.

The results are in. Drumroll please…

Overall, I think it’s clear who the real winner was after that experiment – Dollar Eighty software can immensely help you implement the strategy by saving you time, stress, making everything manageable, and making that goal of 90 comments a day easily attainable.

So, that seems like a closed case to us! But don’t just take our word for it – sign up to Dollar Eighty today and see for yourself!

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