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From hashtags to tags to captivating pictures, there are loads of ways to get noticed on Instagram, and let’s face it… being noticed is the aim of the game. One trick that’s often forgotten is utilizing SEO (search engine optimization) and that’s why at Dollar Eighty we’ve collected the best ways you can really take advantage of SEO and maximize your discoverability.

Take center stage on the Explore Page 

Instagram’s Explore page uses its own algorithm that learns from your behavior, like what you search, like, and follow… that’s why everyone has their own unique Explore page! So, how do you make sure that you appear on other people’s Explore pages?

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you will organically appear on someone’s Explore page but there are ways you can strengthen your chance of being center stage, like captions.

Writing descriptive captions that relate to your post can increase your chances of being on the Explore page. It doesn’t have to be as deeply descriptive as alt-text, but keep it relevant. Add keywords that match what you post, for instance, if you’re showing off a new necklace in your Instagram shop, you could always put “We have a new jewelry collection! Check out this gorgeous necklace from our Astrology range”.

Already there are three keywords – jewelry, necklace, and astrology. So, users who often search any of these niches are more likely to see your post on their Explore page. 

Keyword Search 

Good news for those of you living in one of the 6 main English-speaking countries including the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and of course New Zealand. Since November 2020 Instagram has been trialing a new keyword search where you can now search general terms like ‘custom shoes’ or ‘wedding photography’. 

So, instead of searching specific hashtags or the correct usernames, users can now use basic search terms to find relevant posts and pages. This is fantastic news as you won’t have to worry about using every hashtag under the sun or getting usernames exactly right.

Just make sure you mention keywords in your caption, bio, or even in your alt-text – check out Dollar Eighty’s Alt-Text is a Win-Win blog to get the low down on using alt-text to improve your reach and accessibility! 

Discoverability to the max

Of course, the keyword search makes life easier for users, but don’t forget about the most basic ways in which you can improve your discoverability. 

Including a keyword in your username is a great way of ramping up your visibility and is extremely advantageous for those who focus on more unique subjects. General keyword searches work well for basic terms, but if you have a one-of-a-kind page, then you’ll want to improve your probability of being found through your username. 

Don’t worry if this seems like an impossible task and you like your name short and sharp, there are other ways to improve your odds of discoverability. 

Why not use the ‘name’ function to introduce yourself as well as your occupation e.g. Emily: Social Media Manager. Or perhaps use your bio to include what your focus is and what you do. If people are searching directly for these then you have a higher chance of appearing in their search.

seo example

So why not take SEO on Instagram for a test drive and see if you notice any improvements in how often you’re found by new followers. If you want to grow even more just remember, Dollar Eighty is here to help you do it quickly and organically, so why not try the software today! 

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