Case Study: @gianluigi.palomba

Introducing Gianluigi, a freelance photographer shooting mainly landscapes and aerials, based in Sorrento, Italy.

In the last few months he managed to grow a lot on Instagram, with the help of Dollar Eighty which he describes as a “fantastic tool”. Gianluigi’s main motivation to use our platform was to increase his engagement and followers, but most importantly, he wanted to create an authentic community that he could interact with.

He found that the quality of posts coming through from his hashtag targets made it super easy to leave 90 engaging comments some days, however sometimes he struggled to find the right words (we’ve all been there). When this happened, Gianluigi would look at previous comments for inspiration, and if the comment fit the post, he would just reuse it. This all made it easier for him to reach the ultimate goal of 90 comments a day.

Gianluigi would usually post 30 comments in the morning, then 30 after lunch, and then 30 more after dinner. His technique was to start with ‘Top’ posts for his niche, then move on to ‘Recent’ when he was done. He changed his hashtag targets every month after experimenting to see what worked best for him, which we highly recommend… keep your targets fresh!

Gianluigi also found profile targeting very useful as it helped him to interact with the accounts that inspired him. With those people targeted, he no longer missed any new posts from them.

What were your observations with your posts engagement?

A lot more profile visits and follows on average, but most of the people would comment back on my posts, so definitely a grow in engagement.


What type of comments did you leave?

I left long comments with something engaging to say, like starting a conversation. I did not leave just emojis as this would not help increase my engagement.


Overall, do you find the Dollar Eighty strategy successful?

It is successful if you do it every day for a very long time, and by every day I mean every. Single. Day. This strategy helped me a lot, but also took away a couple of hours a day. So it depends on what one wants to do with Instagram. Dollar Eighty would benefit people who want to grow an audience and a fan base! 


Check out the rest of Gianluigi’s amazing photography by following him on Instagram here.

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