Case Study: @lawideer

Laura’s Instagram is all about her love of all things vintage. She is a copywriter and tries to make useful, inspiring content for her followers through her love for mass media, social media, and the decades past.

Her main motivation for using Dollar Eighty is to grow her engagement on Instagram and create a strong community. Laura finds completing the Dollar Eighty strategy really fun, she usually completes it all in the morning and loves discovering new accounts. She finds the fast growth on her Instagram account really motivates her a lot. Great job Laura!

Finding the right hashtags was really easy for her, as she already had a niche and hashtags at hand when she started using Dollar Eighty. She also found that profile targeting was really helpful, in fact, it was one of her favorite ways to target posts.

What were your observations with your posts engagement?

Absolutely positive. I try to post comments before and after posting content, and with the queue it’s easier than ever to do that.


Laura liked leaving comments that were targeted towards specific posts, however sometimes she reused comments that applied to a similar post, which saved her some time.

Overall she found Dollar Eighty to be a really successful software with excellent navigation. An eye-opening outcome for her was the boost to her general engagement, and how her followers grew.

Laura recommended Dollar Eighty on her IGTV, and she wrote an article about us too! You can read it here (Laura is a Spanish writer, you can easily translate the page if you don’t speak her beautiful language).

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