Case Study: @pinkironelsa

Introducing Elsa, AKA @pinkironelsa, who runs a Fitness/Fashion/Motivation/Inspiration Instagram account.

Elsa tells us she started her account in 2016, just to hold herself accountable for progress at the gym. She quickly and organically gained followers, so she changed her handle to @pinkironelsa and made sure to bring relevant content, excellent quality photographs and engage with her followers.

Along her Instagram journey, she has made loads of friends on the ‘gram and has helped inspire others to start on their own fitness journey. That’s what we love to hear Elsa! 

Where did you hear about Dollar Eighty, and what about it made you want to try it out?

I heard about Dollar Eighty from a friend, Claudia Mars. She said it was a great way to gain followers. I first joined a group, and then quickly came to like it more than just the 10 comments a day, so I continued with a paid subscription.


Elsa says that she finds completing the daily strategy a little challenging, so she makes 15-30 comments due to her busy schedule. Hey, we get it, it’s not easy hitting 90 comments everyday! Our advice would be to try ‘up-cycling’ some previous comments by swapping out a line or two to make each comment unique and personal, without starting from scratch every time.

She also had a couple of tips to grow on Instagram that she was gracious enough to share with us. 1: Consistency. Elsa posts at least 3 times a week and has stories every day. 2: Engagement. Most importantly, she says, you need to engage with others!

Elsa tells us her next target is 4,000 followers, and she is so close! Go ahead and give her a follow if you’d like to see her succeed and be inspired by her fitness journey.

When it comes to Target Collections, Elsa uses one main collection and changes the hashtags every now and again. We’d suggest creating new collections and swapping them out daily. Of course, you should change hashtags if they aren’t working for you, but if they started out great and have gone stale, keep them and revisit them later on for fresh new content. You may even end up with a Target Collection for each day of the week!

Elsa is all about positivity and authenticity (which we love), she tries to always leave a compliment when commenting on posts in her niche, something unique to either the caption or the photo. 

While using Dollar Eighty, Elsa has seen a difference with her account ‘for sure’, and has even had some friends reach out to ask what she uses to grow and engage on Instagram.

When she doesn’t use Dollar Eighty consistently, Elsa really notices a drop-off of engagement. This is the key to growing with the Dollar Eighty strategy… consistency. Think of Dollar Eighty as the sun, and your account as a tree. With daily doses of sun, the tree will continue to grow bigger. If left in the dark for too long, the tree will slow down, whither, and eventually fall.

Elsa says she will continue using Dollar Eighty 4-5 times a week to make sure the engagement on her ‘gram is thriving. We think that’s a mighty effort for such a busy athlete. 

Great job Elsa, keep up the terrific work! 

Join Elsa on the road to growth, join Dollar Eighty today.

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