Case Study: @redemptiverebecca

Introducing Rebecca, or @redemptiverebecca as we call her on Instagram. Rebecca created an IG account all about her journey with body positivity and healthy, balanced fitness!

Let’s find out why Rebecca started this account. 

I started this account to keep myself accountable during my weight loss journey. After struggling with borderline obesity the majority of my life, I jumped into the fitness world headfirst. This taught me to fall in love with what I learned and overcome challenges, and most importantly sharing what I learned to help my friends and clients create their best selves and they’re best lives.

Shortly after losing the weight I wanted, I became obsessed with achieving the perfect body and spiralled into the world of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom and started recovery, I recognised what I wanted and what made me happy was finding balance. Now I teach my clients everything I learned: fitness is not about obtaining the perfect aesthetic. It’s about making you feel like your best, badass, most empowered self.

I love teaching clients how to move in fun, creative, inventive, and empowering ways that FEEL good. Exercise doesn’t have to be a dreadful act of self-inflicted pain towards ourselves. It can, and should, be an outlet of self-expression and a source of self-care.


Rebecca was introduced to Dollar Eighty by an influencer on TikTok and she loves how it helps to connect like-minded people and create a community. She’s even found a lot of cool people to connect with right in her own backyard! (not literally) by searching for people in Orlando, under body positive hashtags. This helps her to promote her local business.

Rebecca has been using around 8 targets so far. As her location hasn’t changed, and she still finds success in how she uses these targets, she hasn’t felt the need to add more just yet.

She considers herself a ‘Recent’ posts type of gal, as she feels like her comments get lost when she posts on ‘Top’ posts.

90 comments in a day is quite an achievement, what’s your secret to leaving genuine comments, and which ones work best?

It is! I love hyping people up though. I like to comment “caption on point!” to ones with longer, well thought out captions. Long captions aren’t appreciated enough!


Have you joined or created a niche group on the platform? If so, tell us about it.

Body positive fitness! I’ve met so many amazing people with like minded goals!


All in all, Rebecca loves using Dollar Eighty, she finds its super easy to navigate and thinks it looks great. Her favorite feature is the queuing comments, and she really notices a big difference with her engagement when she uses Dollar Eighty, compared to when she doesn’t complete the strategy.

She says that she’d recommend Dollar Eighty to others as it makes it way easier to make those all-important, genuine connections with people.

With this all said, what are you waiting for? Download to Dollar Eighty today!

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