Case Study: @stalk.yu

Introducing Naomi, a style queen with a passion for fashion, and a killer photographer to boot!

Naomi’s personal Instagram @stalk.yu is all about fashion, sometimes Parisian, and sometimes a bit of her own creative mix. She started using Dollar Eighty because she has another account with over 10K followers, @i_am_naomiwu, which showcases her fashion photography work, but decided to start another account that would focus more on her personal style.

It’s one of her passions to share her fantastic looks with the world, and using Dollar Eighty can help streamline her engagement, while leaving more time for the fun stuff!

Where did you hear about Dollar Eighty, and what about it made you want to try it out?

I’ve been searching for a helpful assistant to improve my engagement, since I have two accounts and real life to handle it’s really hard to manually interact on your phone, it would make you blind (not joking :P) And I found Dollar Eighty I think on Youtube, the subscription price is reasonable so I decided to give it a try! 🙂


When searching for Targets, Naomi likes to observe other popular influencer’s Hashtags and use them, but she’s is still experimenting to see what works best. She has multiple Target Collections which all depend on what her audience would like, switching between them every time she’s doing the strategy to keep it fresh!

Making 90 comments everyday is very much an achievement. We asked Naomi what her secret is to leaving genuine comments, and if she had any tips. She came back to us and said that she looks at the post, and her heart decides what to say.

Overall, Naomi has been really enjoying Dollar Eighty, and she’s noticed when she doesn’t use it for a few days, her engagement drops off pretty past.

In the future, Naomi hopes to see Dollar Eighty develop an app to make it easier to engage, and wants to find more time in her future to put aside for Dollar Eighty as she is a big fan!

Go check out @stalk.yu to see the lovely outfits Naomi puts together, and her stunning Parisian/Original aesthetic.

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