Commenting on Instagram is important NOW, more than ever.

Back in May, Instagram began trailing the removal of likes in Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Brazil. Reportedly, this “went well”. So, it comes as no surprise to us that Instagram is now continuing their trials throughout some US posts. In fact, they have already started.

Although users will continue to be able to see likes on their own posts, they won’t appear publicly. While some welcomed this change, some celebrities and social media influencers kicked back expressing that their business relies on the public affection of users within the platform.

By hiding likes, will more attention now be given to comments? We say YES!

We all know that social media attention is like cocaine. Once you’ve had it, you just want more. So, as users lose the stick to scratch their self-promoting egos with, where will their next hit for internal satisfaction come from? Our bet is on commenting. That’s why we think commenting is the more important thing on Instagram right now more so than ever.

Soon, commenting will be the only way to express your opinion on a post. Therefore Instagram strategies worldwide will be changing to take advantage of this platform sidestep.

The Dollar Eighty strategy in our opinion, is therefore one, if not the most useful and progressive Instagram growth strategy at this present stage in time. By making contextual and meaningful comments, others within your niche will quickly get to know the real you.

So, do you want to take advantage of commenting and become a voice in your community? I know we do.

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