Hashtag Strategies in 2023: Leveraging the Dollar Eighty Strategy to Maximize Hashtag Performance.

Get Ready to Hack Your Hashtag Game

Hashtag strategies, we know they’re 🔑 to boost our social media presence, especially on platforms like Instagram. And staying ahead of the game is essential to level up our reach and connect with a broader audience. Let’s dive into how leveraging the Dollar Eighty Strategy can totally skyrocket your content performance.

The Evolution of Hashtag Strategies

Hashtags have come a looong way! They’re not just random symbols anymore. They’re like the magic sauce that categorizes content, brings peeps together, and makes it easy to find what’s hot.

Hashtags are also used as a reference for Instagram’s algorithm, so it can categorize your content and suggest it to users it thinks will have a high interest. Instagram has advised creators to use between 3-5 hashtags on their posts, despite allowing up to 30.

Identifying Relevant Hashtags

Research those niche-specific, trending, and user-generated hashtags that match your brand and audience. Strike that balance between popular and niche hashtags for maximum exposure, but most importantly, make sure the hashtags you choose align with your personal brand.

You can use an online tool like this to help build your hashtag list, or jump into Dollar Eighty, browse hashtags and build your list right in the platform.

It’s all about strategy

Now that you’ve researched hashtags within your niche, it’s time to consider your strategic approach for connecting with a new audience and maximizing your hashtags. Dropping hashtags on each of your posts helps to enhance the discoverability of content in a more hands-off way, but you can also utilize hashtags to discover your audience.

Earlier, we mentioned building your hashtag list within the Dollar Eighty platform – this really takes a whole lot of manual work out of discovering your audience. You hit up the top nine posts for ten different hashtags that vibe with your niche with a like and comment. But here’s the secret sauce—instead of throwing in some basic comments, go all out with authentic and valuable insights. Engaging like a pro builds real connections with like-minded users, making your content reach new heights!

No more “Nice pic!” and ‘bot like’ interactions – leave genuine comments that add value—share your thoughts, ask questions, or show some love. Trust us, people will notice and be like, “Yo, who’s this awesome content creator?”

Consistency as a Game-Changer

Consistency is our secret weapon. Dedicate the time upfront to doing the research and time each day to engage with the top posts under your selected hashtags. Consistency is like fuel for your brand visibility and community presence. So, stay committed to the game and watch those numbers rise.

It’s all about being authentic, engaging like a pro, and staying on top of those hashtag trends. So, let’s rock those hashtags and elevate our social media presence to new heights in 2023 and beyond! You’ve got this! 🚀

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