Hashtagging outside of the box

You may have heard the many different ways to use hashtags on Instagram, but here at Dollar Eighty we’ve got a few tips you may not know or might have neglected when it comes to choosing and using hashtags.

Two for the price of one: Brands and people can be hashtags too!

When posting, you might tag people or brands which are relevant to your content. Maybe you post today’s outfit and tag the clothing brand, or you’re a Lady Gaga fan page and tag the queen herself (hey, she might see it… who knows!). The thing is: you don’t have to stop there.

Tagging users is of course useful, but why not utilize their names further and include them in your hashtags. Many Instagram users follow their favorite brands or people via the hashtags rather than checking the actual tags themselves, so this can be a way to further interact with other fans or enthusiasts.

If you find you’re consistently using the same names in your hashtags, why not create a Target Collection on Dollar Eighty just for the people or brands you love.

Browse through hashtags for a style check

Of course, one of Dollar Eighty’s key pieces of advice is always to be specific with hashtags, so that your posts reach the right people in your niche – which can be easier said than done.

One way you can make it easier for yourself is by surveying the content in a few hashtags that you think will match. Have a look and see if there’s an overall theme, style, or aesthetic that all the posts share. If so, does your content match these?

If it doesn’t, you may find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb… and whilst being an individual is the epitome of Instagram, you want your posts to embody the hashtags you use so you can attract like-minded people and build your community.

So, if you ever find yourself in a creative slump and have no idea what to post next or what other hashtags to use, check your most-used hashtags and grab some inspiration!

Don’t forget to hashtag your Reels

Reels can receive a lot more attention when you use hashtags in them, but lots of people miss out on this.

Users following a certain hashtag can scroll through its Reels just like TikTok, skipping past all of the image, carousel, and video posts with the same hashtag. So don’t sleep on Reels, and certainly don’t sleep on hashtagging your Reels!

Hashtagging stories is currently unavailable

Not long ago, hashtagging or location tagging a story could have it showing up in the global collection for that hashtag. This was a great way to get people’s attention, spread news, and find your community. Unfortunately, that feature has been removed, but if this petition gains any traction, we may see it come back!

So don’t bother hashtagging your stories for now… unless you really want to… there’s definitely no harm in it!

Time to get hashtagging

Now, take these tips and add them to your growth strategy, because there’s no such thing as being too informed! Dollar Eighty has all the features you need to help you manage and track your hashtag, location, and profile targets, so why not give it a try.

Best of luck on your hashtagging journey!

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