Hashtags: Everything you need to know

Hashtags are enormously important. They create categorization, draw visibility to your profile, bring you an audience, and enhance your profile growth. With millions of posts, getting yours to stand out can be difficult. This is where hashtags are useful. A study shows that a post with a single hashtag sees 12.6% more engagement than one without.  If this doesn’t show the importance of using them for exposure, then I don’t know what

In an article Gary Vee wrote from many years ago, he speaks about “riding the hashtag”. By this, he means picking up on those that already have a big audience, rather than trying to manufacture new hashtags and grow them to reach a trending status. Starting this process from the very beginning requires a lot more effort when essentially that hashtag will become irrelevant over time and the process of growing another would have to begin. This is why he recommends jumping on the bandwagon of pre-existing hashtags that have gained momentum.

A post with a single hashtag sees 12.6% more engagement than one without.

The Dollar Eighty software functions by utilizing hashtags to find and engage with an audience that suits you. Dollar Eighty allows you to choose, in a wider community, who you connect with in terms of commenting. This can be huge in helping businesses get their company’s social media presence off the ground.

As with many things in life, hashtags become irrelevant and forgotten, it is just part of the fast pace the social media world travels at. Relevance is key. Crazes go viral and lose traction very fast, as do hashtags. This is why swapping out the hashtags you use is so important. It keeps you up to date with what is happening within your community.

In practicing what you preach, our team has been swapping out irrelevant hashtags for relevant ones, such as adding #garyveechallenge to our list of daily posts. Gary has recently challenged people to post 64 pieces of content a day and use #garyveechallenge, resulting in copious numbers of posts to engage with.

In terms of deciding what hashtags to use, one way to find more is to look at other hashtags on the posts you have been engaging with and use those. Upon your chosen hashtags becoming irrelevant or repetitive, continue to swap them out this way, with those that have gained an audience. Keeping with this, you will be traveling on to other hashtags within your desired niche.

With hashtags, you may find one that is super useful, but, one tip I will provide is to keep the hashtags with great content and rotate them, thus, commenting doesn’t become repetitive and boring. By changing up hashtags, you are given new content meaning your commenting will change to suit it. Lack of changing the hashtag will likely mean your engagement with the content loses its unique and authentic touch when this is how you should be interacting.

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