How to Target and Comment to Grow Authentically in 2022

We’ve heard that picking good hashtags and leaving engaging comments can be a little daunting, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to do it right in 2021! More followers mean more business, so boosting your engagement authentically should be of high priority to start your year outright.

Get #inspired

  1. If you are looking for some hashtags to use on your own posts, and add to your Target Collections on Dollar Eighty, we recommend checking out other accounts within your niche. Write a list of hashtags that they use that’d work for your posts too.
  2. The Explore page on Instagram is great too, as it provides fresh content that is in line with your niche, how easy!
  3. Add more specific words to your hashtags to thin the crowd a bit. Things like your city or area will help you find a more authentic community. For example #NewYorkDogs or #ManhattanFrenchies instead of something generic like #Dogs or #Frenchies

Starting the convo

  1. Read the caption. It may sound obvious, but often the caption is a treasure trove of things to comment on. Has the person asked a question you can thoughtfully respond to? Do you have any helpful tips that relate to their post?
  2. Leave a meaningful compliment. Make sure you comment more than a couple of words to give the person something to respond to. Don’t just say ‘Great photo!’, pick something in the image or caption to talk about specifically.
  3. Ask a question. This will make your comment much more ‘engageable’ if that’s even a word…
  4. Tag them. When responding to someone, tag their IG handle in your comment. This will notify them, so it’s more likely to boost your engagement. It also makes your comments more varied and personalized.

So there you have it, now go ahead and put these tips into action to get that follower count growing with authentic and engaged people. 2022 here we come!

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