WHATS NEW: Instagram Growth in 2022

As we know, the world of Instagram changes overnight, with new updates and features always popping up, and that algorithm being susceptible to change. With over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, we know it can feel overwhelming with where to begin, so we have put together some tips to keep ahead of the game. So check it out, jump on the trends, and watch the authentic growth take off!

Instagram Reels

  • From fun dancing videos, to short vlog-style content, what we do know is that followers are loving these. 
  • Because of the algorithm, and Instagram wanting to push this feature, by creating content in the form of Reels, you are in a better position to get further reach. The more you post, the more your engagement will increase, so aim for between 4-7 Reels a week. We get that it sounds like a lot, but according to the algorithm, you are sure to see results. 
  • Reels are a great way to share this and grow your engagement with those that follow you. They can be between 15 and 30 seconds long, a perfect amount of time to get a message across, whether it be sharing a promotion, selling a product, or sharing something behind the scenes – get creative!

Instagram Live 

  • Keep followers up to date in real-time. When you go live on Instagram, followers get a notification, a great direct call to engage. 
  • This is the perfect way to attract your audience. Once you finish your live, you can also save it so those unlucky people that missed it, are able to watch it. 
  • Taking your business Instagram live allows increases engagement and boosts sales, as well as allowing them to see the face behind the product which is always a plus!
  • We realize that this can be a bit daunting sometimes, but utilizing the ‘face to face’ (or as close as you can via Instagram!) contact is a great way to engage. Followers can also comment as you are live, asking questions that you can answer in real-time, increasing that engagement on the spot.  
  • On that note, in utilizing these features, there have been some recommended numbers for posting different types of content to get the algorithm to work in your favor:
    • 3 feed stories
    • 8-10 stories
    • 4-7 reels
    • 1-3 IGTV 

We know that this can seem very unachievable in terms of time, so we suggest getting doing as much as you can, and most importantly, doing it consistently


  • Consistency is key – and is something that the Instagram algorithm in 2021 seems to put a lot of weight on.
  • Interacting with followers before and after posting, ensures maximum engagement. Whether you are posting Reels, Stories, or main feed Posts, Instagram wants their users to be interacting consistently with their community before and after posting
  • You will be rewarded for establishing a routine. It can seem like a lot of content to be working on and getting uploaded if you follow the recommended content amounts which were set out earlier in this post. The best thing you can do is ensure that you post on the same day weekly, around the same time. This helps you to get noticed by the algorithm. 


  • One of the most important ways to keep up engagement on IG is commenting. Maximum engagement arises when you align content creation with your niche audience. The $1.80 strategy helps you by suggesting hashtags and allowing you to track your progress. 90 comments can seem a lot but defiantly pays off! Check out our tips and tricks on completing the strategy here. After all, the reason you are getting followers using this strategy is that they are genuinely interested in your account and will reciprocate engagement. Learn more about the $1.80 strategy here.
  • Taking advantage of the new collaboration feature is another way to boost engagement. A perk of this feature is that you can easily share content between users, saving you time and effort. As well as your audience being able to engage with the content, it allows other users invited to collaborate, to easily share the content to their audience with the click of a button. This creates easy exposure to a wider audience, some of whom will engage with you.

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Community-led content on Instagram

  • With the current state of the world, people, now more than ever, are interested in the movements and activities of others. With more time spent inside, and social distancing, followers are interested in seeing how businesses and Instagram accounts are run and how they came to be. 
  • Showcasing behind-the-scenes content, and sharing clients’ and customers’ experiences is a great way to get that personal level of engagement. Not to mention, it helps you in creating diverse content suited for everyone. 

Animated, creative content

  • In order to maximize that engagement, it’s super important to ensure variation in content. By this, we mean – get creative! 
  • At the moment, there has been an increased amount of video clips and Reels as we mentioned before. But to go the extra mile, we recommend trying animations and different editing styles. 
  • Layers on images – by hand drawing and editing normal images, is a great way to make simple images pop. Eye-catching content will always come out on top. 
  • Utilize influencers. After all, followers love seeing well-known people and accounts. By collaborating with influencers that can vouch for your business, you are sure to notice an increase in engagement. Whether this be links to YouTube videos, Blog posts, or short promotional stories.

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