Keeping up with Instagram

Instagram is constantly updating and evolving, but there’s one thing that always stays the same… it rewards users who have genuine engagement. Dollar Eighty, being a tool designed specifically to generate real engagement, is never going to be left behind.

When we think of social media, the big three are always top-of-mind; Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram. As one of the pillars of social media, Instagram has been around for a long time and we’ve seen it update and evolve on multiple occasions. 

Honestly, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the changes, new features, and trends, but thankfully for us there is one thing that stays the same, it rewards those who have genuine engagement. That’s why at Dollar Eighty we’re here to help you implement the Dollar Eighty Strategy (making 90 comments a day) so you can reap the rewards that Instagram has to offer for those who get really social on social media.

Now, I already know what you’re thinking: Isn’t 90 comments a lot?

Even for a social media fiend, 90 comments can sound like a stretch, but the amazing thing is… it isn’t, not even in the slightest! Dollar Eighty is here to help you implement this strategy effectively. We give you structure, goals, and guide you towards improving your engagement dramatically, which in turn helps your Instagram blossom. 

90 comments can seem like such a big number, but once you break it up over a Target Collection or two, including Hashtag, Location, and/or Profile Targets, you’ll find yourself embodying Elle Woods in no time. 

So that brings us to the next question: What do you say?

Genuine engagement doesn’t have to be long paragraphs or photo analysis, it can be as simple as responding to a question in the caption, or pointing out something that you like in the photo. 

Perhaps the caption of a post asks: “Where would you like to travel to next?”. You could reply: “OMG I’d love to go to Hawaii sometime, or maybe Bali! Just somewhere warm and tropical please!”. Just by taking a couple of extra seconds, you not only create genuine engagement, but you can show-off your personality, which will help you attract more attention and grow. 

We know that coming up with 90 original comments everyday can get tiring, so at Dollar Eighty we save all your previous comments so you can browse through and reuse them, or get some inspiration. Just remember not to post the exact same comment too often, and you’ll be growing in no time.

WARNING: Be careful of falling into the trap of commenting things like “Love this” or “SAME”, try to at least write a whole sentence, and make it as specific as possible.

Still not finding the motivation? We’re here to help.

Now, Instagram aren’t the only ones rewarding users for genuine engagement, Dollar Eighty does that too! If you find you need some extra motivation to complete tasks, and like to easily track your progress, Dollar Eighty has you covered. 

We like to personally encourage our top users from time-to-time, so if you’re killin’ it socially, we may get in touch and reward you!

As long as there is Instagram, there will be Dollar Eighty.

No matter how many changes, updates, and iterations Instagram goes through, you can always count on the Dollar Eighty Strategy to take your engagement to the next level and rake in all those sweet rewards. 

So if you’re not already loving Dollar Eighty, sign up today! It’s free forever, no credit card is needed, and you can upgrade whenever you want to get serious about social.

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