The Ultimate Guide to Dollar Eighty

This guide covers all things Dollar Eighty related, from software to strategy. The $1.80 Strategy is an Instagram marketing strategy, coined by world-renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. This software makes doing the $1.80 strategy super easy to complete and track!  It’s as simple as commenting on 9 posts across 10 relevant hashtags:  $0.02 x 9 x […]

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Top Posts vs Recent Posts

Should I comment on recent or top posts? When using the Dollar Eighty software, both free users and those subscribed have access to ‘top’ and ‘recent’ post options when viewing posts to comment.   There is a reason behind this, being ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’ have a very different effect on the way you engage. Top posts […]

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To the Metaverse and beyond 🚀

For many, it can be a struggle to wrap your head around the idea of a virtual reality where almost every action that can occur in the physical world can also occur in the virtual online world. ‘Metaverse’ is the name given to this online parallel. It was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 […]

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