Recycling on social media

It turns out recycling isn’t just good for the environment but can also be great for growing your platform. Coming up with original content every day can be hard and time-consuming so, at Dollar Eighty, we have just the blog to help you recycle and work smarter, not harder.

Use blogs as a story maker

Maybe you’re a blogger in the traditional sense and write about topics you care deeply about, or you’re running a business and update your blog with updates on products. On the surface, it’s hard to see how any of these can be recycled but I promise it can be done.

Repurpose your blog posts by taking snippets and creating Instagram Stories – especially if you’ve
written a blog about a particular issue that’s currently trending. You can do this with relevant pictures or even plain backgrounds and stickers with key lines from your blog post. You could even include an Instagram Poll so you’re also increasing your engagement with your audience and finding out what they think.

TikTok & Reels #Twinning

As one of the newest kids on the block, TikTok has been taking the internet by storm. If you’re already on there making TikToks, then the hard work is done and you’re ready to recycle. If not, you’re missing out.

Thanks to Instagram’s Reels feature, you can repurpose your TikToks and upload them as Reels without
much effort. Not only will this save you time and help replenish your Instagram with new content, but
your TikToks have a watermark, meaning people may end up following you on TikTok after seeing you
on Reels.

Pro Tip: For Reels, make sure to use hashtags to get them seen. Check out our blog post that covers this in ‘Hashtagging outside of the box’.

Instagram for… Instagram?

You may be very confused but stay with me. Posts that you’ve made in the past can also be content for the future. Everyone loves a throwback, so if there’s an anniversary coming up or you just want to show off a look from last year that didn’t get enough appreciation, why not use it again. Of course, your whole page can’t just be throwback posts but every once and again, why not?

Not every masterpiece is an original

A lot of social media is focused on what’s trending, and creating your own interpretation of the latest meme, challenge or dance.

If you’re scrolling through Reels and see a trend you like, jump on it. A lot of the times you can make it relevant to your own page – just make sure to give credit to the creator where you can and you’re good to go!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Dollar Eighty shares a lot of the same values for growth on our platform. Reduce the time you spend generating engagement with our intuitive platform, Reuse comments (but don’t go overboard, this ain’t a bot!) and Recycle the content and ideas that inspire you along the way.

So, take our advice – save your time and recycle where you can!

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