The new Instagram story feature you might not know yet… 🤯

The new ‘Private Story Likes’ function on Instagram.

Instagram has recently released a feature that allows you to like a Story without clogging up people’s DMs. Once clicking on a Story, a small heart feature appears next to the paper airplane. This heart will show up next to the user’s name in the list of accounts that have viewed your story and will provide a regular response to interacting with content.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced the release of this feature in February 2022 with this Tweet:

With Dollar Eighty, reaching 90 comments a day can be hard (check out how you can make the $1.80 strategy easier). What we suggest if you can’t reach this number is to go through and like people’s stories. Doing so will allow engagement in a quick way. We are not saying it is an alternative to commenting, as after all, commenting is the most authentic way to connect, but any engagement helps your algorithm to ascertain what content is relevant to you.

Instagram - Private Story Likes
Instagram - Private Story Likes
Instagram - Private Story Likes

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