The Ultimate Guide to Dollar Eighty

This guide covers all things Dollar Eighty related, from software to strategy. The $1.80 Strategy is an Instagram marketing strategy, coined by world-renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. This software makes doing the $1.80 strategy super easy to complete and track! 

It’s as simple as commenting on 9 posts across 10 relevant hashtags: 

$0.02 x 9 x 10 = $1.80

Quick Checklist for getting started with the Dollar Eighty software:

  • Connect Instagram Account 
  • Hashtags: Add & Active
  • Comment on your 90 daily posts
  • Track your progress on the Stats page
  • Install the Dollar Eighty Widget to make tracking progress easier than ever.

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Connect your Instagram Account

To kick off your Dollar Eighty account, you need to connect your Instagram profile to Dollar Eighty. Dollar Eighty can only connect to Instagram profiles that are business accounts and are linked to a Facebook page (learn how to link an Instagram account to a Facebook page here).

As a premium user you can connect as many Instagram profiles as you like. Switch between your multiple Instagram accounts on Dollar Eighty at any time, all strategy progress will be saved and paused for the individual profile.


  1. To connect an Instagram account go to the profiles page located in the settings. To get to settings click on the top left profile image and select ‘Switch Profiles’ in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the ‘New Profile’ button
  3. Log into Facebook and allow access to the Facebook page that your Instagram profile is connected to as well as the Instagram profile you would like to connect to.
  4. Select the profile

Hashtags: Add & Active

Before you are able to start commenting, you need to set up your active hashtags. This is a list of 10 hashtags related to your niche that you would like to target. To get the most out of Dollar Eighty, it is important to determine your niche before choosing your hashtags. If you can’t think of all 10 hashtags, don’t worry we have suggestions to help.

Active Hashtags

Active hashtags are the group of 10 hashtags needed for the $1.80 strategy. To activate a hashtag either drag and drop into the active list from your library or click on the hashtag options and select ‘Set Active’.

Weekly Allowance

Because of limitations with Instagram, you can only activate up to 30 hashtags in a 7-day rolling period. Once the 30 limit is reached, you can still reuse hashtags made active in the last 30 days so there is no break for your $1.80 strategy!


  1. Add hashtags to your hashtag library. To add a hashtag, click on the ‘+’ button located on the Hashtags page on the right of the Hashtag Library. Type in a hashtag and click search, don’t worry if you can’t think of all 10 hashtags right now, we have plenty of suggestions.

Hashtag Library

The hashtag library is where you can store hashtags. As a free user you can not add more than 12 hashtags to your library and as a subscribed user you can add as many as you like, it’s unlimited! You can favorite hashtags so you can always easily find them.


When it comes down to it, hashtags are search terms to find the best content to engage with for your niche. Think of hashtags that your ideal target market would use or look at. This will give you the best results of engagement back.

💡 Tips

Range of Hashtags 🌈
Give yourself a good range of hashtags to target. You can also see what hashtags are performing best, and what ones might need a switch up, by looking at the “Stats” page. On this page you will see your top and least used hashtags.

Don’t be too broad and don’t be too niche ⚖️
Find hashtags that you will not get lost in i.e. you want to get your comment seen which likely won’t work if you are commenting on a post with 10,000 comments. In saying this, you want to make sure the hashtag you chose to use has some form of audience or or users won’t see you comment and engage.

Think about who and where your target audience is. If it is location-specific, think about how to target people within your niche in a certain area. Maybe try adding a location to a hashtag to really narrow it down to your ideal audience.

Change it up 🙃
Don’t forget to change up your hashtags every now and then. The beauty of this strategy is that you can change between hashtags to keep things fresh. You can store an unlimited amount of hashtags in your library.


When it comes to commenting and engaging, consistency is key. The $1.80 strategy is to leave 90 comments a day, 9 comments on your 10 active hashtags.

Dollar Eighty will give you the 90 posts each day that you should engage with, based on your active hashtags. Click on a post to comment on it, this will open Instagram. Make a comment and then head back to the dashboard and track your comment and or like by clicking on the heart and comment button on that post.

✏️ NOTE:

If manual counting isn’t your thing, install our chrome extension which automatically counts your comments on Instagram. Check out more about our Widget.

The aim here is to comment on a variety of different posts, but don’t feel like you have to be strict on your 9 comments on 10 hashtags. The main goal is to do 90 comments a day, how you do them and on what hashtags and posts are up to you. If you are on a roll, keep commenting!


  1. Click on the post you wish to comment on.
  2. This will open the post on Instagram.
  3. Leave a comment on the Instagram post.
  4. Come back to Dollar Eighty and track your comment and or like by clicking on the heart and comment button on that post.
  5. If you have the Dollar Eighty Widget installed then tracking will be automatic!

💡 Tips

Stuck on bad posts?? 😕
If you get stuck on your own set hashtags or the content they are producing is not that great, check out your groups hashtags.

Struggling with 90 comments? 🥴
It can be challenging to complete all 90 comments in the $1.80 strategy. Check out this blog here on tips and approaches to completing the $1.80 strategy!


The Stats page is where you can view and analyze your $1.80 strategy progress. View your last 7 days of the strategy, how your comments and followers are tracking, as well as your top and least used hashtags.


  1. Check out how your $1.80 strategy is going by comparing your commenting to your followers growth.

Dollar Eighty Instagram Widget

The Widget is designed to make the strategy even easier by providing you a tool to use on Instagram itself. The Widget will sit on top of the Instagram website and give you your active hashtags for easy access to all of the content you want to comment on, as well as automatically counting each comment you make and reporting back to the dashboard. Want to learn more about how easy the widget makes your $1.80 strategy? Click here to find out more or click here to add the chrome extension to your chrome browser now!

📌 GUIDE: Get Started with the Widget

  1. Add the Dollar Eighty Chrome Extension to your chrome browser here. It is a chrome extension so make sure you are using the Chrome browser.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to the Dollar Eighty Dashboard and have it open in your browser.
  3. Check that you have the same profile selected on Dollar Eighty as you do logged into Instagram, whatever profile is active in Dollar Eighty is the profile the comment count will go towards.
  4. Click on one of your active hashtags or just start commenting on your feed.
  5. Comment on posts and watch the comment count grow automatically!

Have more questions?

If this has not answered all of your questions with the Dollar Eighty platform then check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

✨ Sign up to Premium now and get 14 Days FREE

Sign up to our 14-day free trial to get all the benefits of the Dollar Eighty platform. There’s nothing to lose, and lots of followers to gain, so subscribe to Premium today! If you already have an account then click here to subscribe, if not

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