Top Posts vs Recent Posts

Should I comment on recent or top posts?

When using the Dollar Eighty software, both free users and those subscribed have access to ‘top’ and ‘recent’ post options when viewing posts to comment.  

There is a reason behind this, being ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’ have a very different effect on the way you engage. Top posts allow you to grasp the hashtags content and vibe. Whilst ‘recent’ posts provide a higher level of engagement, as they are often like-minded individuals from your selected niche. On top of this they have a smaller following, therefore, increasing the chance of one reaching out, or replying to your comment.

Tips for using these two features on Dollar Eighty:

  1. Once you have chosen the hashtag, first select ‘top’ and comment on the photos that were posted in the last month this allows you to get an idea of the sort of content the hashtag provides and gives you the opportunity to be noticed by other Instagrammers. 
  2. ‘Top’, lists 9 posts, with the purpose of providing you a feel for the hashtag and its content, whilst ‘Recent’ lists 70 posts in terms of recency.
  3. ‘Recent’ provides a greater variety, and content traffics through at a higher rate allowing you greater option to pick and choose which posts you want to engage with. It doesn’t matter if some are in another language and you can’t answer them as there are plenty of other posts.
  4. With ‘Recent’, ask questions as these will likely result in a response. Ask questions relating to the image such as where a photo was taken, or which tip is there favourite. 
  5. When commenting on either ‘Top’ or ‘Recent’, like the photos as well. Two notifications will go through and it increases you chances of being noticed.

If you have been using our software and have been neglecting one or the other, make sure to bring them into your 90-comment daily routine and let us know the difference you see! 

Need some help with commenting? Check out our Tips on completing 90 Comments each day blog.

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