ALERT: Instagram Trend report

With 2022 rapidly approaching, so too are the Instagram trends that will come with it. Social media is undeniably here to stay so it’s a good idea to get ahead of the trends before they get ahead of you. Recently Instagram released its Trend Report for 2022. 

Production of the Report followed input from various influential Gen-Z personalities and a survey conducted by YPulse. Trends were identified, categorized and elaborated on, using quotes and statistics to back up each prediction. What can be seen is an array of progressive ideas by the younger generation. 

The compilation of trends reflected in the Report is not overly unexpected. Focus on matters such as the 9-5pm workday being called into question, the rise of sustainable fashion, increase of the visual aspect to music, greater prioritization of mental health and wellness and the strong presence of social justice advocates on Instagram all arise in the Report. What we found especially promising was the strong focus young people had around improving mental health and wellness, and identifying means of doing so.

Below is the Instagram Trend Report summarised:

πŸ’„ Fashion and Beauty

  • Emphasis on self-expression through fashion with a possible rise in alt fashion 
  • β€˜Clean’ beauty is taking over, with Gen-Zers wanting safe ingredients that allow minimalist beauty 

πŸ›οΈ Shopping 

  • Sustainability is key, and with this comes an interest in online thrift stores 
  • Shift away from β€œbig box online retailers’ sites

🎢 Music & Dance

  • Use of less traditional music platforms e.g. more livestream concerts 
  • more elaborate dance challenges and more of them 

🀩 Celebrities and Creators

  • Creators and celebrities on an even playing field in regard to their influence 
  • Quantity of followers isn’t as important as quality of content when it comes to sharing about social issues 

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Career and Education 

  • Re-evaluation of both career and education with priority being given to world experiences and alternative paths rather than salary 

πŸ” Food

  • Creativity is taking over the kitchen with Gen-Zers growing interest in complex cooking and mixology

🌱 Wellness

  • Meditation, manifesting, community connection and creativity are among the methods young people are using to maintain their mental health 
  • Following the ongoing trend of authentic health, holistic wellness is growing 

πŸ‘Ύ Gaming

  • Covid-19 prompted a rise in video games. Not just in playing them but also watching others play
  • Combination of fashion and gaming in digital avatar outfits 

πŸ˜‚ Memes

  • Slight decline in absurdist humor whilst cryptocurrency memes are rising in popularity 

βš–οΈ Social Justice 

  • Importance of Instagram for sharing information on activism 
  • Using Instagram as a means of change 
  • Increase in monetary donations by young people to social justice accounts 


Despite the comprehensive list of trends identified in the report, there will be many more spanning across various other categories. Collectively these will shape the culture of 2022. Understanding what is to come could be what your marketing strategy has been needing. Learn how to apply these trends to grow on Instagram in 2022.

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