Instagram Announcement: New Exciting Feed Views

At the beginning of this year, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced a new feed view release that users will hopefully see in the first half of 2022. Instagram believes this release will allow users to have “more control over their feed”. 

Users will be provided greater viewing freedom by being able to choose how they view content across three feeds on Instagram by having new feed views options: Home, Favourites, Following:

New Feed Views:


This is how we currently see our feed and is based on the Instagram algorithm. It ranks our content, showing us what it believes is most suited to our interests. 


Showing similarities with the current “close friends”, this feed will consist of content from accounts we select such as siblings, or our favorite influencers. Instagram has not mentioned how you will be able to select your “favorite” accounts, but we are interested to see how they will implement this feature.


The chronological feed will be returning. 

In the video of Mosseri discussing the upcoming Instagram release, his language indicates the names of the new feed views may change, however, the content of each seems to be cemented. 

Rather than universally providing one feed option, adding options of what content you wish to view will allow users to cater the platform to their preferences.

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