Is the $1.80 strategy still relevant in 2022?

The $1.80 strategy has always been relevant to Instagram and growing an authentic audience. But why is it relevant more now than ever? Keep reading and you’ll find out: 

Hashtags and content, the foundation of the Dollar Eighty strategy

Instagram now has around 2 billion users worldwide. With content constantly flowing, it can be hard to keep up engagement with your niche audience at the rate it is moving. What Dollar Eighty allows is for you to engage with similar users via hashtags. Over time this molds your algorithm to show you posts by those you are wanting to interact with. Through these like-minded people, you become connected with you can continue to grow. One key way to do this is by employing collaboration posts in your feed. See our other ideas on growing your Instagram account here.

Effectively use creative with the Dollar Eighty strategy

Currently we have many forms of creative. We have carousel, collaborations, reels and so on. By implementing all of these forms of creative you can keep your account interesting, authentic and build better engagement with your users. Dollar Eighty is not strictly limited to commenting on photos. It applies to any of the content you post, whether this be sharing a collab post, or reposting a photo on your story. As long as you are putting content out, people are going to be engaging with you and viewing you as a member of their Instagram community. Using hashtags is part of the strategy that focuses in on posts you may be interested in but that may not have shown up on your explore. Over time you will build a solid IG following. 

Increase sales with Dollar Eighty

Being able to shop on Instagram is a very significant feature that has been added. It allows you to be on social media and view possible products you may want to purchase at the same time. Rather than having to switch from Instagram to various online shopping sites, it integrates the two, drawing you in and increasing shop sales. Businesses using Dollar Eighty are able to increase sales and have a wider reach by choosing targeted hashtags to share their products with people who are genuinely interested in buying them. It is a cost-effective way to market products and be discovered by users. 

Dollar Eighty boosts engagement

Engagement is being made easier than ever, especially with private story likes that aim to clear up your DMs and show more support to other users. If you become unable to complete your 90 comments a day with the $1.80 strategy, it is very easy to flick through people’s stories and use the ‘private story like’ feature that is new to Instagram to keep engagement up. This is not as organic as commenting, however, it will still help to build your algorithm and get other users to notice you. 

Convinced with the $1.80 strategy? Try it out now to grow your Instagram account.

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