Top 10 mistakes people make on Instagram

On Instagram we all want to come across as put together but we’re all human and whilst we all try our hardest to avoid mistakes, in the words of Hannah Montana ‘Nobody’s Perfect’. Mistakes on Instagram are easy to make, and you might not even realise you’re making one! So that’s why at Dollar Eighty we’ve compiled our top ten mistakes, so you know what to avoid and learn exactly what to do.

1. Posting Inconsistently

If you find yourself posting 6 times one week and then nothing the week after you may find that you will struggle in your engagement. Posting consistently will help get your content on your followers’ feeds more often and build stability in your brand. There’s lots of scheduling apps out there, try or

2. Not engaging with your followers

Nobody wants to follow an account that might as well be a ghost, so make sure you interact with the people that follow you. Whether it’s sending a like, replying to a comment, or even following back. It all helps build your fame. Remember it’s called social media for a reason!

3. Not being genuine

If you took our advice on the previous mistake you won’t want to make this one. It looks like heart eye emojis and “wow” just aren’t cutting it anymore. Take your time and write something meaningful to make a real connection. With Dollar Eighty, your comments are saved for future reference, inspiration, and if the glass shoe fits, re-use!

4. Not Networking

I know networking immediately brings the image of suits and passing around business cards, but it can be as easy as sending a DM. Perhaps you found a jewellery business like yours, or another fashion queen, either way you can use that connection to send them a message. Forming those bonds can help, especially if you have any questions and who knows maybe you can collaborate in the future, you won’t know until you say hi. Our ‘Groups’ feature on Dollar Eighty provides the perfect place to hang with your clique and talk strategy.

5. Hiding behind posts

Not everyone posts selfies or full body shots and that’s okay but every now and then it’s good to show that there is a real person behind the account and let your personality shine. See if you can make room in your feed for a picture of yourself and introduce yourself to your followers to further that connection.

6. Ignoring your Bio

If you pick up a book and it has no blurb or title 9 times out of ten you’ll put it back because why invest your time into something you have no idea about? That’s why leaving your Instagram bio bare or blank could mean you’re losing potential followers. Utilizing the space by putting a small line about who you are will grab the attention of potential followers and it’s also the perfect opportunity to place a link to your website or shop so people have direct access to it.

7. Ignoring Instagram features

We all know the backbone of Instagram are the photos we post but there are plenty of more opportunities to engage with your audience. Whether you make a short clip for Reels or a Q&A session on Instagram Live you have several opportunities to provide content for your followers and improve your engagement so unleash your creativity and get going.

8. Irrelevant Hashtags

We’re all guilty of going a little overboard when it comes to hashtags at one point or another and who can blame us when it seems like our posts fit into hundreds of categories. The trick is to be specific and use hashtags that have less posts so that your post can be more easily seen. We have a Handy Guide to Hashtagging if you need some advice so check it out.

9. Using Bad Quality Photos

We’ve all taken our fair share of bad pictures that we hope will never see the light of day, but uploading these to Instagram can be quite the faux pas. You don’t need a degree in photography or the latest equipment, a half-decent smartphone is plenty. Just try to avoid blurry or pixelated photos, and don’t go crazy with the filters.

10. Not Using a Call to Action

A call to action can help give your posts an aim or purpose and dramatically improve your engagement dramatically. You could ask your followers to check out a new post or ask them to comment where their dream vacation would be. The key is to engage and connect, so make sure you don’t just make demands!

Your engagement and following can grow exponentially when you use Instagram the right way, so avoid these mistakes and you’ll get growing in no time.

Don’t forget, Dollar Eighty is all about helping you grow naturally, authentically, and as easily as possible… so try it now! Sign up now to get 14 days of premium free!

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